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RIE Educaring Approach

Incorporating a deep respect for and appreciation of the baby, Magda Gerber’s Educaring Approach encourages infants and adults to trust each other, learn to problem solve, and embrace their ability for self-discovery. When allowed to unfold in their own way and in their own time, children discover and inspire the best in themselves and in others.

Respect is the basis of the Educaring Approach. Respecting a child means treating even the youngest infant as a unique human being, not as an object.

An Authentic Child
An authentic child is our goal… one who feels secure, autonomous, competent, and connected. This can influence that child’s whole personality, the way that child sees life.

We trust children to be initiators, explorers and self-learners.

A physically safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing environment helps children develop gross and fine motor skills with confidence.

Uninterrupted Play
Time for independent and uninterrupted play allows children to develop their attention span and be self-motivated learners.

Allowing child to become an active participant in their care is a core part of the Educaring approach. Daily routines like diapering provide opportunities for learning, pleasure, and the development of the parents’ and infant’s relationship.

Stepping back and simply observing allows us to understand our child’s needs. This advice runs counter to the norms of our fast-paced society. But, truly observing our children is a gift for us and them. We are telling them, “You are worthy of my interest and full attention.”

Clearly defined limits and expectations that are consistently applied help children to develop discipline and feel safe and secure.

Educaring fosters an authentic sense of self and lays the foundation for secure relationships, enduring curiosity, and lasting self-confidence to support infants to be: Secure, Confident, Focused, Curious, Resourceful, Cooperative and Competent.

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